Hydro-formed Internal Ribs


These ribs are pressed from solid sheet aluminum and hardened to 6061 T-6. They are made in two pieces to allow fitting to your wing chord. We use the same airfoil as the original tbird which is the same as the newer birds. With internal ribs the airfoil does not change shape with increased air speed or change shape when the old tubes get weak and loose there shape, they also hold a true airfoil shape throughout the wing cord. The best thing is that you no longer need to buy expensive sails and worry about ultra-violet rays ruining your coverings. You can use many different fabrics and coatings that last 5,10,15 years instead of 2 to 4 years on normal sails in an outdoor enviroment. A set of internal ribs are priced less than a quality set of sails, they will also strengthen your wing, allow internal fuel tanks mounts in the wing cord itself and increase overall performance. With these ribs we have made it possible to enhance the ailerons with cove and new hinges on an airfoil aileron. This dramatically increases response by holding air on the aileron and decreasing tubulance caused by the break on the original flat aileron found on the stock bird. See page # _ for more detail on these modifications.

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